Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Word on Sony's Success

I'd like to congratulate Sony on their most recent sales numbers. It looks as if the struggling PlayStation 3 console may have finally turned a corner. Sales are up almost 300% since November 2nd. Soon, the could have an installed customer base large enough for 3rd party developers to make a buck if they haven't already left for greener pastures. Maybe, the gaming market can support a three console generation.

It might sound odd, but Sony should get on their scrawny-ass knees and thank Nintendo. Nintendo built upon their positive reputation with parents for kid-friendly titles (something hardcore gamers decry) and simultaneously attracted an older demographic of casual gamers. Meanwhile, Sony decided to lock horns with Microsoft on hardware specs and format wars.

There are many lessons to be learned, most important:

Don't ask customers to "invest" in your product's "potential" to be fun and entertaining. This is especially true when your biggest competitors are cheaper and arguably more entertaining.

I think the majority of the people buying now are Sony holdouts from last year. They've been sitting on the sidelines, enjoying the cheap library of PS2 titles available and biding their time until the PS3 fell within reach. Good for them. They've got self-control. Hardcore gamers aren't known for having self-control.


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