Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leave it to the Professionals

I don't understand what everyone is so upset about. NPD Group has decided to stop handing out free ammo to gaming "journalists" (stupid bloggers) and save the goods for paying customers like Wedbush Morgan Securities and yours truly. Consider yourselves lucky they provided sales data for as long as they did.

Why should you care how many fucking units the Wii sold in Turkey? The pointless bickering of the Sony fags against the Microsoft fags against the Nintendo dykes has been giving me a headache. Why do you care so much what other nerds think about your favorite gaming console? The fanboys all make me sick. The success/failure of one format or another should not be a reflection upon you, yet you're all more than happy to flame one another across the Intertubes for hours on end.
Let me make things very simple for you. The people who matter within the industry don't care about your screaming. No matter how much you cry the only people who count are those who vote with their dollars. If you like a console, buy it, buy accessories, buy some games, and while you're there preorder a few more. Go to a public park and show people how much fun you're having playing your PSP. Nothing you can say in any blog, forum, or chat room will make a damn bit of difference if it does not directly translate into a sale.

Wouldn't that energy be better spent, say ... gaming?

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