Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Games for Girls

Game companies are finally starting to recognize the value in creating games for the fairer sex and girls are one of the fastest growing segments of "casual" gamers. Publishers are responding to women gamers with sensitivity and maturity. Let's take a look at what girls like to play.

Cooking Mama was created in Japan by Taito and published in the U.S. by Majesco. The latest version came out on the Wii. At a time when schools nationwide are cutting back on home economics, this series of mini games based on cooking recipes makes girls feel like they're good at SOMETHING after getting their asses handed to them in math and science.
Nintendogs has seen it's fair share of copycatz (Get it? Copycatz?) mostly from Ubisoft. I should correct myself. Ubisoft first started publishing the Petz series back in 1995. Eventually, they came to their senses and started publishing these games on the DS because chicks can't use computers. In any case, the virtual pet genre has been a big hit with the ladies. Nintendogs don't make a mess in your Coach purse like a shih tzu can.

My Housekeeping Diary for the Nintendo DS was #14 in the latest Japanese software charts. I think it's a brilliant idea to turn housekeeping into a game. I imagine a sequel for the Wii with a real Dustbuster attachment, allowing you to vacuum the carpet at the same time as you play. My wife could use a game like that.
Imagine: Babyz is only the most recent in a series of games for little women. It's either birth control or a child rearing sim. Take your pick. Give Ubisoft a hand for knowing what lady gamers want. Imagine: Babyz stands alongside groundbreaking titles Imagine: Fashion Designer and Master Chef.
Last, but certainly not least, is Wii Fit. I don't think I need to tell you how much a title like this will benefit female gamers. Not only will it inspire fatties to get off their asses, they'll think they're having fun while doing it. Thank you, Shigeru Miyamoto. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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